Hitlers Daughter Review

I think hitlers daughter is a great book for ages 10 and up. It is a great story about war hate and friendship. It has lots of twists and turns during the story. I also like how much details is put into everthing. I like how the story was told by Anna it is a very smart story Idea which I think everyone will love.


In class today we made biopoems. Here is mine that I made about Morris gleitzmen

creative talented inspirational joyful
Father of Sophie and Ben and husband of Mary-Anne
Lover of writing reading and his family
Who feels relaxed calm and in his own mythical world
Who needs impressive ideas
Who gives joy to readers
Who fears been old
Who wants see people happy with his books
Who lives in small town out of Melbourne

Hope you enjoy.


After a relaxing holiday, the weather is changing, anything can happen. It can bucket down rain, thunder like a drone passing by or be sunny like the worlds on fire. Leaves are piling by the minute every gust if wind is strong enough to blow everything around like a washing machine. Here are some of my pictures……

href=”http://kpslucia.global2.vic.edu.au/files/2015/04/image-28njv1n.jpg”>image …….image


This week I was so excited because i learnt how to do my round off flip and my round off tuck on the grass. I really really enjoy doing gymnastics and this year I am starting to compete. I will be competing in state regionals and Nationals. I hope you guys are enjoying my blog so far. Do you like gymnastics and if you do what tricks can you do? Thanks Lucia ⭐️⭐️

About me

Hi my names Lucia I am 12 years old , I am in grade 6 . These pictures show some of my hobbies and interests. My hobbies include tumbling netball shopping athletics swimming and sport. I hope you enjoy reading all my comments thank you Lucia.